Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dear Santa...

I've had a terrible year. Might you be so kind as to fill my stocking with the Chanel holiday gift collection?!

Many thanks,

♥ Saskatoon


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hohoho, Merrrrrrrryyyy Christmas (Nails)

YES, you heard right. I. Am. Back. I can't keep making excuses as they become ridiculous after the 100th time but all I can say is - hellish degree; terrible job; various other issues. Anyway, I'm back and that's all that matters AND I have Christmassy nails!

They are so SO hard to photograph steadily (how do you all do it?) but I wanted to share them with the world (as I have to work tonight and I don't think festive talons would go down that well at the 'uni bar').

They took yonks and yonks and yonks and are not perfect (not loving the base colours on the fingers...) but I am fairly happy with them for a first Christmassy attempt. This is how I got la look (and how you can too - if you'd be mad enough to want to) ...


1. Standard clear nail varnish to start - two coats
2. Essie's Mint Candy Apple - two coats
3. Make them 'french' by adding a thick line of Nails Inc's Charlotte Street to the top of the nail
4. Make them sparkly by adding Barry M Pink Iridescent (264). For the berries, add three dots of Models Own's Coral Reef close together
6. To add to the berry effect, add three smaller dots (on top of the exisiting ones) of Barry M's Bright Red (262)
7. For the leaves, make two leaf-esque blobs on each nail with Ciate's Lily
8. To hold them in place, whack on another coat (or two) of clear nail varnish. ALL DONE!


1. Same again - two coats of clear polish (I think I used Boots own or something, nothing special!)
2. Put on a layer of Models Own's Beth's Blue (you only need one coat - it's amazingly thick and goes on perfectly ♥)
3. For the penguin's body, draw the design with Barry M's Navy (292) - (I went a bit wild with the Barry M for this one...)
4. When that's dried, use Model's Own's Snow White for the tummy and eyes
5. Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream (307) is perfect for the 'beak' and feet - a large-ish blob will do for the nose and little 'squiggles' for the feet are eggs-cellent (boom boom)
6. Top coat. Done and Done... aaaaaaaand ENJOY!

Link me to your Christmas nails, they make me so excited (yes, I really am that sad). Sorry again about going missing - I really am, in the style of Take That, back for good this time.

♥ Saskatoon

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Not dead, just heinously busy

Hello everyone,

Just an update - and an apology. Every day I think "Oh, I must update my poor neglected blog" but do I ever? No. But it is not because I am a lazy bum - oh no. I have just been busier than I have ever been in my entire life.

I am back at university (boo) and have, as it is my final year (thank the Lord) decided to actually do some work for once which, you know, really takes it out of you. I have also had the cunning plan of getting a job 'down t'boozer' (when I told my Grandmother I was going to work in the university pub she said, "why do you need a pub at a university?" Amazing) which is just exhausting.

AND on top of that I am head of news and documentary for the university TV station Warwick TV Seriously, if you go to Warwick or know anyone at Warwick, PLEASE comment - I'm always looking for people to help out - longshot or what?! Oh, and of course I'm still involved with the newspaper although TV is SO my thing - and not forgetting various social activities. Oh dear.

Indeed, the picture at the top of this post is me in full cavegirl costume (well, you can't see the whole outfit but you get the idea...) I adore dressing up but going out for several hours around Leamington Spa in an entirely pant-flashing outfit was perhaps not my greatest plan.

In fact, as I was wandering around saying "I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COLD" a la Nikki Grahame (aka the only acceptable Big Brother contestant), an actual tramp said to me, "It's your own fault". A very wise tramp indeed. Tramptastic you might say. I now have flu. He was perhaps the Buddha in a tramp disguise - you never know.

Hopefully my cavegirl-induced illness will promote my blogging a lot more - I've got a few good (well, I think so) posts planned which I regail you with sooner rather than later...

For the time being though, here are some things I've been getting 'excited' about - ha.

I want to wear these every day; Absolutely loving Erin O'Connor's She Died of Beauty and ironically enjoying The Only Way is Essex. Lovely.


♥ Saskatoon

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Nails du jour

Models Own Pastel Pink; Barry M Pink Iridescent (264); Ring - Miss Selfridge

Monday, 13 September 2010

We've Got Obsessions...

Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream (306); Models Own Snow White; Barry M 3in1 Nail Paint; Ring - Accessorize

To crudely quote Marina & the Diamonds, we have indeed got obsessions. My personal obsession is... my nails.

I don't consider myself a shallow bimbo incapable of thinking of anything other than nail art but I think it's the fact that I am doing quite a serious (aka dull-as-dishwater) degree that I need a release from the frequent boredom of university life. So nails it is!

I think I'm going to start doing a 'nails of the week' feature as I try to change them as often as possible, within reason.

For this week's nails, I wanted something really different... Animal print are everywhere at the moment but I've never seen polka dots (although I'm sure they exist) and I am so into the kind of Cath Kidston-y look and polka dots are just fabulous in general so here we are - Cath Kidston-inspired nails.

I 'got the look' (how pretensious!) by painting two coats of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream (306) (I'm always on the hunt for a lighter, cornflower-y blue, if anyone knows of a good one - not tested on animals - please let me know) and polka dotting on Models Own Snow White then keeping it all in place with a standard clear varnish.

The overall effect is not quite as neat as I had hoped for but the nature of nails - and my rather wobbly hands! - means that it's pretty difficult to achieve a perfect look, but there we are - 'rustic' nails!

♥ Saskatoon

Ps. Answer my poll on the last post s'il vous plait - would hugely appreciate it, thanks loves!

Sunday, 12 September 2010


I'm not dead, I'm just a busy bee!

Lately, I have been insanely busy busy busy...

I've been interning at the Times which was... interesting but I definitely don't want to work in a newspaper office. I'm sure the reporting side is thrilling but I just spent days on end on the phone and getting emailed with 'do this now'. So not for me.
I want to be out and about on the road somewhere new every day, meeting people, asking questions etc etc. That's definitely my dream. I think I was just born to ramble on in front of a television camera!

I've also been to Madrid and whilst Spain has never been my first choice of places to go (sorry any Spanish people who may be reading this), it was actually great fun. Lots of eating (dodgy) tapas (not a great country food-wise for vegetarians like me, but then I suppose nowhere in Europe is really!), a lot of mojito drinking, bingo (I know, but it seems to be a sort of Madridian (?!) tradition) and, of course, some shopping. I got three fabulous skirts from Zara which I will photograph when my camera isn't buggered.

So pretty busy but also abandoning-tastic. I am a disgrace. I really want this blog to be a success and now the bad weather (boo) is on its way, it seems like the ideal time. I have no desire to skip around fields in little dresses or shorts so I'm going to get cracking on making this blog a readable, enjoyable little thing that people actually want to have a gander at.

SO, I need your help dear readers, what do you like most in your favourite blogs? Let me know via the poll and I'll make sure it fulfills your deepest desires - in blog terms, obviously!

♥ Saskatoon

Ps. Say hi in the comments - would be fabulous to know you haven't given up on me completely, although I do deserve it - thanks!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Saskatoon at the Wedding

So, as regular readers of this blog will know, my sister recently got married and, unsurprisingly, I went. I thought I'd share my wedding outfit with you as I liked it a lot - not entirely to my style but I think still pretty cute. My sister and I co-chose it as it complimented her dress (it obviously wasn't purple, though!) and I think it was a success...

The wedding was beautiful - in a sort of castle-y type place which is obviously a fabulous backdrop and a great photo opportunity, natch. However, my dad is not good at taking photographic instruction, so here are the results of his 'handiwork'.

What do you all reckon to wedding dressing? Have you been to any weddings this season and, crucially, what did you wear?!

♥ Saskatoon

Friday, 23 July 2010

I ♥ Alexa Chung's ♥ Nails

How amazing are Alexa Chung's nails? She was dj-ing this week at a Mulberry party at Chateau Marmont and whilst the outfit is not really anything particularly special (in my humble opinion), the nails really up the fashion ante - they are perfect!

I have recently got disgustingly obsessed with nail art - it's a bit of a release from my 'hard' 'working' lifestyle and I just love being creative, even if it does manifest itself in nails!

I would love to be able to do anything similar, they're fabulous!

What do you all reckon about the hearts-on-nails look?

♥ Saskatoon

Friday Inspiration

1. I'm back! It's a Christmas miracle! I'm finally at home after ages and ages - well, until next week...

2. Next week, I'm off to do an internship at a 'large television company'. I was reading Tatler magazine (!) when I was away and they said don't blog about your placements as you will be sacked and I really don't fancy being sacked as, let's face it, I would quite like to be employed by them one day...

3. Perhaps the best thing about interning is... the outfits! I adore shopping for new smart-ish clothing in an attempt to 'fit in'. Sadly, I have no desire to crack out an 'office' look, oh no, so I'm going for some mad sort of 80s blazers, polka dots, pearls and ruffles. Sod the 'no blogging' rule, I'm going to get sacked for looking like an inappropriate lunatic!

4. I went to an ah-mazing party l'autre jour. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme (which I suppose is being done a lot these days, but still pretty fabulous - I do ♥ Alice in Wonderland - more on that at a later date) and I wore a sort of Alice-esque polka dot dress with a headband (you don't say) and what I consider to be a 'whimsical' bird shaped bag (others will say 'weird'). I will dig out some pictures that I consider suitable for public view (not many!) and put them up soonity soon...

5. Today is going to be so boring. I have to sort out all of my university stuff I've brought down. An entire corner of my room is chock-a-block with clothes and general rubbish. I suppose I will be pleased when it's all done but at the moment, it's a tragedy!

Ta ta for now!

♥ Saskatoon

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Friday Inspiration (On a Wednesday?!)

1. I have been very absent from blogging lately as I was at my sister's wedding (have I mentioned that enough?!) and stayed down afterwards for a week and as soon as I got back, had to go and clear my university house (or should that be doss hole?) It was horrendous but it's all over now and I am officially exclusively southern again for three whole months, hoorah!

2. I am going away again to house sit for about a week / ten days tomorrow - I just want to stay at home! Needs must though, I suppose!

3. I am doing my Friday Inspiration today at a sort of inbetween-y point between the one I missed and the one I will miss. There almost certainly will be a computer at the house-sitting house but I won't have all my pictures etc, so will do it now. I am being sensible for once.

4. That's it really, I am uninspired except in picture terms and my brain has gone on its holidays... Oh well.

5. I'm going for a picnic later on! He-llo summer!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Inspiration

1. I have finished all of my exams, hoorah! As of 11.30am this morning, I was a free woman (for 3 months at least!) It's such a relief to have them over and done with and fabulous to be able to relax

2. I now have the entirely unenviable task of entirely packing up my university room and saying I have ridiculous amounts of stuff is a total understatement. Oh dear. Wish me luck!

3. The sun is out! Hoorah! At a post-exam lunch today I got burnt in about five minutes - well I am translucent at the best of times and have been inside revising for what seems like decades so it's hardly surprising. I don't think I look too lobster-like though!

4. It's my sister's wedding on sunday and the most important thing, above everything else is what I am going to be wearing(!) and this is it, if you're interested. I'm excited!

5. I'm off for a cup of tea. Now exams are over, I'd rather have a cup of tea more than ever!

♥ Saskatoon

Monday, 21 June 2010

Birthday Time!

It is my 21st birthday in 1 hour's time. Terrifying. Just thought I'd ought to let the world know!!

(As a 'present', some comments would be fabulous - thanks so much in advance!)

♥ Saskatoon

Friday, 18 June 2010

Reporting in the Field...

Obviously, I am being ironic. Although I am technically reporting, it tends to be in one of the many concrete blocks of Warwick University's hideous campus, rather than a field. Very sadly.

So yes, I would say that my numero uno passion is tea, closely followed by fashion (and shopping, let's face it) by overriding love is, by far, what will hopefully be my future career - news journalism. And whilst I know that sounds the most boring thing in the world, I am not interested in abandoning all style nous in favour of a serious expression and a North Face jacket. Oh no. My first concern after said serious face is what I'll be wearing, naturally.

I go into raptures over what news readers are wearing (not so much over the reporters, they tend to look pretty dodgy, but I fully intend to change all that when I join their merry band of serious faces). I tell everyone on twitter (which is here if you're interested!) how amazing Sophie Raworth's pink jacket was and was so obsessed with Emily Maitlis' perfect Nanette Lepore suit was that I was seriously considering spending my entire student loan on it (that was until I saw in being worn on Ugly Betty. By Betty. Oh dear).

I even got into huge amounts of trouble on election night last month when I was supposed to be doing a terribly serious live blog for the university newspaper and, because I couldn't really be bothered to look at exact figures and swings and all the rest of it, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to conduct my own poll about the 'Fashion Off' going on between Fiona Bruce and Emily Maitlis. And while it was a fabulous idea (Fiona had the best outfit, Emily had the best hair - just in case you wanted to know!) I got in so much trouble and was told to leave because it was a 'serious exercise' (It wasn't. It was a joke. And my fashion wars totally livened it up!)

So what to do when you go into raptures over jackets on the news and are still too young to work on it - despite being very nearly 21 ancient years old? Clearly, just crack out your own jackets on your own 'news'. Amazing. I do everything (and I mean everything) news-y for the campus TV station and whilst it's not quite the BBC, it's still a good way to practice my 'serious' face and put the sartorial wheels in motion for when I will revolutionise 'reporter fashion'. No North Face jackets for me. Oh no.

(Oh, and the above picture is screen shots of myself in various reports I've done... I tend to go for a navy and white basic palette with the occasional pop of red - which is actually strange as I never wear red in 'real' life. Do excuse the face on most of them, it is literally impossible to find a half-decent shot; I more often look like a horse in the middle of its lunch - and that's not good at all!)

♥ Saskatoon

Friday Inspiration

1. Okay, so I feel like my blog is dullsville. That is because my life is dullsville. When you spend entire weeks cooped up in a miserable house literally in (well, near) Coventry, I feel it's impossible to remain the vivacious (!) person you've always been... So I feel it's time to give my blog (unlike my life) a bit of structure. When I've been having a break from revision / procrastinating (natch), I've been reading some amazing blogs and the constant between them all is that they all regularly post pretty similar stuff, on the same days - rather than when the mood takes them. Order and routine are clearly the order of the day! So...

2. Here is my first 'Friday Inspiration' collage. There's no reason for it being on a Friday, it's just that today is a Friday and it's just stuff that has inspired me and floated my boat this week and I thought 'collages are fun' after a particularly harrowing exam...

3. My exams are nearly over. Thank God! One week today. I had a three hour one today and although I know that's fairly minor for most students, for me it is a huge deal - I can't sit still for ten minutes usually, let alone hours. I didn't even finish the exam despite having such a long time - I had to write at the end 'Please read my plan'. They are all pretty elitist so will probably blame me for the exams being 'too short', haha.

4. I have to go and 'watch the football' this evening. I put that in speech marks because I am only watching it ironically with friends - anything is a welcome break from revision! - and would never actually enjoy it, it's a truly dreadful sport - and we haven't even got the wags to laugh at this time - disaster! I do think, though, that football is good for the facially challenged - many of whom wouldn't even have a successful career in a call centre... (On a rather shocking note, apparently if England lose, a ton - and I mean a ton - of men go home and beat their wives. Dear oh dear, it sounds like the middle ages. It is only a game.

5. It is my birthday in 5 days time. I literally cannot believe how unbebloodyleivably quickly this year has gone and there is no pretending I'm in the first flush of youth any longer. Oh no. I will be 21 years old. 21! I never thought I'd see the day (I did really). And have I mentioned the fact that I have an exam on the day (I am being sarcastic, I have mentioned it a million times) So it won't be amazing fun, but never mind, I have to wait 9 years for my next 'big' birthday so it's not all disastrous... Any birthday wishes (or cake) would be gratefully received however!

Off to pick a suitable football-watching outfit. Ugh!

♥ Saskatoon

Monday, 14 June 2010

There is something you should know about me...

...and that is I am always right.

Did I not do a post about a week ago about how good Zara is these days? And did the Daily Mail print an article on exactly the same topic today? I think they did!

Daily Fail article

And whilst you should NEVER trust the Daily Mail - it's a disgrace to society and journalism in particular, I am just going to sit here feeling smug and quietly right, thinking 'I am ahead of the curve, I am right'.

(I am only being such a bloody twerp because I am quite possibly failing all of my exams - forgive me!)

More (and less nonsense) soon,

♥ Saskatoon

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Zara - back on form (with a little help from the Second World War)

When I was 17, I was in LOVE with Zara - and I do mean in love, so obsessed with the clothing (that seemed to me to embody everything I wanted to be, in sartorial terms) it was on the level of infatuation. But like all good love affairs, it ended. They started to think that everybody wanted to look like a hippy - and I bloody hate hippies. In fact, for the past three years, the only thing I've bought from my previous love was a wartime-esque duffle coat, from the little boys' department!

And this wartime comment leads to my rekindled love affair... I adore the 'evacuee' look above all others (except, perhaps, the 'old lady on a cruise ship' look - as my mother describes my style as or 'Tory wife at a garden party, on crack' - as I describe my own sartorial leanings). I long for a time when you could skip around in a field in shorts and bows and not worry about a thing. (Obviously, as a 'history student' I know that the reality of evacuation was more like survival and less fun times, but... all I really care about is the clothing, so there you are).

I have 'ripped' the following pictures out of the June 2010 lookbook and I think it's the best stuff they've done all year (with the possible exception of the Miu Miu rip-off cat dress from May) and although they are a brief selection, they are all totally fabulous (and evacuee-esque) in their own special way.

Welcome back to my wardrobe Zara, it's been a while!

♥ Saskatoon

Perfection in welly boot form


OMG. These Vivienne Westwood welly boots are, quite simply,'practical' perfection. If I went to festivals, I would be cracking out both pairs without a shadow of a doubt. Sadly, I am too highly-strung to do festivals, love not camping and if I don't have a shower every day I have a literal nervous breakdown. If there was a 1980s one-day festival, however, things would be different. But for now, I will have to make do with admiring these genius boots and perhaps invest in them for country walks come autumn. Yes, that sounds far more me.

♥ Saskatoon

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop S/S 10

While I'm not really a fan of Kate Moss (or her 'dancing' in this video) and only have one thing she's 'designed' (a fantastic cardigan my Mother bought me eighteen months ago for starting University... This, but in grey ---->

This new collection looks very promising, especially the white lace dress at the end. It's out tomorrow (20th May) and I'm excited to have a gander - I hope it lives up to my expectations!

What do you all reckon about Kate Moss' stuff for Topshop, bon or non?

♥ Saskatoon

Friday, 14 May 2010

Slow on the Uptake

I know I am hideously slow on getting into this song but it is literally one of best pieces of music I've heard in a long time. I adore Marina and the Diamonds. ♥

(And the video is ah-mazing, too - I totally want those trousers - or not..!)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Where there's tea, there's hope

As you may be able to tell (due to my recent incompetence of writing coherently) life is somewhat stressful for me (and every other university student) at the moment... Exams, essays, revision, appalling May English weather and the Hung Parliament distraction. However, rather than get too stressed out, I remind myself that it will all be over at some point in the near future, it's not the end of the world if it's all a disaster and, inevitably, 'every little thing gonna be all right'! But, when my self-reassurance fails, I just remember that when there's tea, there's hope - and everything's okay again.

♥ Saskatoon