Friday, 23 July 2010

I ♥ Alexa Chung's ♥ Nails

How amazing are Alexa Chung's nails? She was dj-ing this week at a Mulberry party at Chateau Marmont and whilst the outfit is not really anything particularly special (in my humble opinion), the nails really up the fashion ante - they are perfect!

I have recently got disgustingly obsessed with nail art - it's a bit of a release from my 'hard' 'working' lifestyle and I just love being creative, even if it does manifest itself in nails!

I would love to be able to do anything similar, they're fabulous!

What do you all reckon about the hearts-on-nails look?

♥ Saskatoon

Friday Inspiration

1. I'm back! It's a Christmas miracle! I'm finally at home after ages and ages - well, until next week...

2. Next week, I'm off to do an internship at a 'large television company'. I was reading Tatler magazine (!) when I was away and they said don't blog about your placements as you will be sacked and I really don't fancy being sacked as, let's face it, I would quite like to be employed by them one day...

3. Perhaps the best thing about interning is... the outfits! I adore shopping for new smart-ish clothing in an attempt to 'fit in'. Sadly, I have no desire to crack out an 'office' look, oh no, so I'm going for some mad sort of 80s blazers, polka dots, pearls and ruffles. Sod the 'no blogging' rule, I'm going to get sacked for looking like an inappropriate lunatic!

4. I went to an ah-mazing party l'autre jour. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme (which I suppose is being done a lot these days, but still pretty fabulous - I do ♥ Alice in Wonderland - more on that at a later date) and I wore a sort of Alice-esque polka dot dress with a headband (you don't say) and what I consider to be a 'whimsical' bird shaped bag (others will say 'weird'). I will dig out some pictures that I consider suitable for public view (not many!) and put them up soonity soon...

5. Today is going to be so boring. I have to sort out all of my university stuff I've brought down. An entire corner of my room is chock-a-block with clothes and general rubbish. I suppose I will be pleased when it's all done but at the moment, it's a tragedy!

Ta ta for now!

♥ Saskatoon

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Friday Inspiration (On a Wednesday?!)

1. I have been very absent from blogging lately as I was at my sister's wedding (have I mentioned that enough?!) and stayed down afterwards for a week and as soon as I got back, had to go and clear my university house (or should that be doss hole?) It was horrendous but it's all over now and I am officially exclusively southern again for three whole months, hoorah!

2. I am going away again to house sit for about a week / ten days tomorrow - I just want to stay at home! Needs must though, I suppose!

3. I am doing my Friday Inspiration today at a sort of inbetween-y point between the one I missed and the one I will miss. There almost certainly will be a computer at the house-sitting house but I won't have all my pictures etc, so will do it now. I am being sensible for once.

4. That's it really, I am uninspired except in picture terms and my brain has gone on its holidays... Oh well.

5. I'm going for a picnic later on! He-llo summer!