Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Friday Inspiration (On a Wednesday?!)

1. I have been very absent from blogging lately as I was at my sister's wedding (have I mentioned that enough?!) and stayed down afterwards for a week and as soon as I got back, had to go and clear my university house (or should that be doss hole?) It was horrendous but it's all over now and I am officially exclusively southern again for three whole months, hoorah!

2. I am going away again to house sit for about a week / ten days tomorrow - I just want to stay at home! Needs must though, I suppose!

3. I am doing my Friday Inspiration today at a sort of inbetween-y point between the one I missed and the one I will miss. There almost certainly will be a computer at the house-sitting house but I won't have all my pictures etc, so will do it now. I am being sensible for once.

4. That's it really, I am uninspired except in picture terms and my brain has gone on its holidays... Oh well.

5. I'm going for a picnic later on! He-llo summer!

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