Saturday, 13 February 2010

My Favourite Dress...

Despite the 'inspired' title of this post, I do love this dress; It has pearls, ruffles, perfect for day or evening and is the most beautiful shade of pink (I realise I sound like an utter bimbo although I'm actually not (debatable) but occasionally I do have bimbo fashion moments. Oh dear).

I miraculously found it on a rail at Galeries Lafayette in Gay Paree (my second favourite city) alongside dresses which were about 800 euros... Luckily, it wasn't anything like 800 euros (I think it was more like 10 or something similar. Truly amazing.) and I've loved it ever since - I even met the Queen whilst wearing it.

And that's what you call fashion versatility. Thanks Mrs Dress.

My Very Favourite Palace...

... (Because I am clearly so unbelievably knowledgeable on the subject) is undoubtedly Versailles. I know this is cliched - what isn't? - but is such a stunningly beautiful place and is actually one of my most favourite places in the world, not just in terms of palaces.

I am, technically, a history student (and a very, very bad one at that) so it's not just the undeniable physical beauty of the place that floats my boat, but the absolutely fascinating history that goes hand-in-hand with the palace.

The vast amount of pictures above were taken (by me) on my last visit; I was all alone but was an absolutely perfect day. I quite enjoy my own company and where better to be alone than at Versailles?!

I'm so in love with the film Marie Antoinette and although I've been to the palace about 4 times before, I'd never been to La Petit Trianon and Antoinette's 'village' - it's far less touristy than the main 'attraction' and it was so wonderful to finally be visiting it. It truly evokes feelings of a fascinating time in history and I hugely empathise with Marie Antoinette and her situation - the 'village' is nothing short of perfect.

It's just a shame I'm forced to study such absolute historical nonsense at university. Oh well, there's always the dissertation...

Monday, 8 February 2010



This is my latest venture for the University news programme... I was sent up to the 6th floor of a multistorey carpark on the windiest day of the year with the sun in my eyes and this is the result. What a bobby dazzler. I would like to assure my 'many' readers (aka myself) that I don't usually look quite so horrific, I blame the camerawork, the sun and the carpark. Ha.

For the benefit of my friend Chris, I am wearing my much loved nautical coat - it certainly didn't get wet that day, just very blown about!

EDIT: Oooo, it's all chopped in half, I have absolutely no idea how to rectify the situation though. Oh well, enjoy half a me anyway.