Sunday, 17 October 2010

Not dead, just heinously busy

Hello everyone,

Just an update - and an apology. Every day I think "Oh, I must update my poor neglected blog" but do I ever? No. But it is not because I am a lazy bum - oh no. I have just been busier than I have ever been in my entire life.

I am back at university (boo) and have, as it is my final year (thank the Lord) decided to actually do some work for once which, you know, really takes it out of you. I have also had the cunning plan of getting a job 'down t'boozer' (when I told my Grandmother I was going to work in the university pub she said, "why do you need a pub at a university?" Amazing) which is just exhausting.

AND on top of that I am head of news and documentary for the university TV station Warwick TV Seriously, if you go to Warwick or know anyone at Warwick, PLEASE comment - I'm always looking for people to help out - longshot or what?! Oh, and of course I'm still involved with the newspaper although TV is SO my thing - and not forgetting various social activities. Oh dear.

Indeed, the picture at the top of this post is me in full cavegirl costume (well, you can't see the whole outfit but you get the idea...) I adore dressing up but going out for several hours around Leamington Spa in an entirely pant-flashing outfit was perhaps not my greatest plan.

In fact, as I was wandering around saying "I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COLD" a la Nikki Grahame (aka the only acceptable Big Brother contestant), an actual tramp said to me, "It's your own fault". A very wise tramp indeed. Tramptastic you might say. I now have flu. He was perhaps the Buddha in a tramp disguise - you never know.

Hopefully my cavegirl-induced illness will promote my blogging a lot more - I've got a few good (well, I think so) posts planned which I regail you with sooner rather than later...

For the time being though, here are some things I've been getting 'excited' about - ha.

I want to wear these every day; Absolutely loving Erin O'Connor's She Died of Beauty and ironically enjoying The Only Way is Essex. Lovely.


♥ Saskatoon