Friday, 30 April 2010

Formspring - What's your favourite shop in the whole wide worlddd? :)

You know, I'm not sure! That's awful, isn't it?!

I really like Selfridges in Birmingham for the clothing and for the food hall (fatty boom boom) which is amazing, I think it's the only place in England where you can get Lucky Charms, which is alright by me!

Otherwise, Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, London Selfridges, Laduree, Persephone bookshop in Bloomsbury, Cath Kidston, Hatchards bookshop in Piccadilly, Marc by Marc Jacobs in Mayfair, New Look for shoes only, Miss Selfridge for jewellery, Westfield in White City for overall shopping fabulousness, Joules in Tenterden (Kent), Ralph Lauren, Fortnum & Mason food hall, Galaries Lafayette in Paris... That is ridiculously long but there is more to add! I will think of more and add them as I think.

Oh, but how could I forget Topshop? Not so keen on the actual shopping experience, but the clothing cannot be beaten on the British high street. Fabulous.

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Formspring - If you had to pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life so far, what would it be?

I'm going to say Adam and the Ants' 'Goody Two Shoes' because a) I'm quite into it the moment and b) I think it sums me up quite well... Whilst not a real goody two shoes, I can definitely associate with the lyric 'don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?' (yes I am dull in that sense) and c) (finally!) the lyric 'We don't follow fashion, That would be a joke, You know we're going to set them set them So everyone can take note take note' is inspirational, because hopefully I am a fashion leader rather than a follower - and modest, too!

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gay Paree, boaters and back to reality

Hello my dear fellow bloggers! How are you all this week - enjoying the rare warm weather? I haven't blogged for a little while not because I've fallen off the blogging wagon but because I have been in Paris, my second favourite city (after Londres, natch) with my school pal Emily. I've been a few times before but it was an absolutely fabulous trip - exactly what I needed to relax after an Easter holiday packed with work, work and more work.

We saw all the standard sights including Versailles, the place which long-term readers will know I love more than life itself despite the fact that, this time, I was bitten by a donkey. Oh dear.

Paris is wonderful though - as I'm sure many of you know - to have the ability to sit in a park to while away the hours whilst in the vista of the Eiffel Tower of the Louvre, the fabulous art, beautiful shops (naturally), late night liveliness (?), drinking Kir Peche in little French bars and experiencing such fantastic history is just amazing. I love it.

A definite sartorial highlight was definitely my acquistion of a boater (see below for my views on that millinary delight) which I wore at every opportunity. Unfortunately, there were not a great deal of clear photographs taken of me in said hat but I have managed to dig a few out to share with the world (because I'm sure you all care what I wear on my head...), including one with me in my 'cat face' mask.

I always believe in having a photographic gimick whilst abroad - it makes the resulting pictures less cliched... Perhaps a cat face was not ideal but it sure took Gay Paree by storm!

Sadly, this is all a distant memory now. I am back at University for essay writing / exam time and would give anything to be back in that calming city... All I've got to keep me occupied now is the upcoming election and, of course, shopping for even more 'election outfits' - well, I do need some compensation for being back up north attempting to learn a lot of old nonsense once again!

Ps. I am also wearing the dress from my wish list post in the top photograph which was removed from that list after a got it for Easter... Tragically, I look absolutely morbidly obese in the photo - it looks far better in reality!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Political Dressing

So, Hadley Freeman (the woman whose post I spent 8 hours straight opening whilst at The Guardian back in January and whose work I usually read and nod my little blonde head sagely in agreement with) has today blasted my outfit plans for May 6th right out of the water.

Now you may ask "Why oh why have you planned your outfit two and a half weeks in advance when it's not a wedding or an uber-special party or some such similar high jinks?" and I would reply, "Why, it's the General Election, of course, and that kind of event definitely deserves its own special outfit". I told you I was 'unconventional'.

Oh yes, every general election I simply have to have a planned outfit. On the last occasion, in 2005 when I was the grand old age of 15 (yes, I was a tragic teenager), I wore a fully blue outfit to school in support of the Tory party. My very Lib Dem French teacher looked like she would quite happily slam my head in the desk. Fantastic.

Although I haven't suddenly joined the Lib Dem party (I may appear to be a fan of jumping on the bandwagon but point blank refuse to jump on a Nick Clegg shaped one however young and 'glamorous' he may be), I have definitely seen the light with regard to the Conservative party and have, therefore, decided to purchase some items of sartorial wonderment in red.

Yes, red.

Now, red is not my colour at all, chiefly for the reason that I have the skin colour of a dead person - ie. beyond whiteness and into the realms of deathly palour. Lovely. And that is why I have bought a red skirt and headband (the latter is purely for ironic reasons) so they are not too near my face and I look less dead.

Anyhoo, after this article (which was featured in the Ask Hadley column so, I suppose, it can be assumed to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek...), I am now debating my election outfit. Perhaps I should abandon my Labour supporting skirt-and-headband combo and just dress in my usual style (ie. exactly like a Tory wife circa 1982. Disaster.) However, I am able to think by myself and so, come May 6th, you're pretty likely to see me looking like a corpse in unadvisable red garments. Oh yes (or oh no, depending on your particular political - or sartorial - viewpoint.)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Formspring - English Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey?

Earl Grey literally a million times over English Breakfast. I mean, I will drink E.B. if someone doesn't have any Early Grey, but if not than never. Earl Grey to the end.

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Oh, and really do ask me anything (within reason, of course!) - I love answering questions, because I just love procrastinating!

Monday, 12 April 2010

I truly WOULD rather have a cup of tea...

... However I am - like, I think the vast majority of British students - stuck inside and attempting to work. However, I seem to spend most of my time watching the BBC News Channel and getting overly excited about the upcoming election. Oh well, anything is better than reading about life in 'pre-modern' (whatever that may be) Britain...

Anyway, I said rather a while ago now that I would award the the 'sunshine award' to fourteen fellow bloggers whose blogs are currently floating my boat so, rather than ramble on any more, I'll just get on with it, I think!

And I still have no idea whatsoever how to make links clickable. Try as I might to follow every piece of advice I'm given, I still fail at anything remotely technological - dreadful.

Righteho, back off to 'work' or perhaps just watch the BBC's election tent which is 20 miles up the road - I want to be there, please!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Behind the Times (In both senses)

This song is totally floating my boat at this very moment in time - and, yes, I know that it's probably been out for absolutely yonks but I heard it on Newsnight yesterday and now I love it. And yes I know that when one's music tastes are dictated by a highbrow news show, one's chances of ever gaining any 'street cred' whatsoever are instantly down the train, I don't care. I love Newsnight and I would, quite literally, kill to work there one day (well, perhaps not quite...) I wasn't familiar with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before yesterday evening (I saw Karen O at Fashion Week once, but that's it!) but I think it's pretty edgy, pretty Alice in Wonderland-y (as in the lyric 'off with your head' etc), pretty fabulous.

On a sort of Newsnight-y note, I am so into this election campaign and would write something terribly deep about it but a) no one cares and b) I am, despite my passion for the topic, fairly ignorant about it, unfortunately so, instead, I'm writing about the wives' outfits because I am that shallow.

Despite my absolute hatred of anything whatsoever to do with David Cameron, I must admit that 'SamCam's' first day of campaigning outfit was far superior to that of Sarah Brown (despite her inclusion of stripes aka my sartorial passion) - stylish, classic and everything a wannabe-first lady should wear. But - please God - she stays just that - a wannabe. Vote Gordy!

Day 2 of the campaign outfits...

Okay, so rather than actually getting any work done (and, therefore jeapordising my chances of getting a degree - oh well), I have decided once again to 'review' the party leader's wives election campaign outfits...

Sarah Brown's look was far better than the previous day... and far better than SamCam's, far more put together although the cardigan is a bit of a dodgy colour...

... But still far superior to SamCam's which, although in my absolute favourite colour palette, is ill fitting and kind of Aladdin like, I think...

... But is still a LOT better than Nick Clegg's wife's sartorial monstrosity which is, quite simply, disastrous!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

To Wear or not to Wear..?

That is, indeed, the question.

Like much of the blogosphere, I am vastly enamoured with Alexa Chung's seemingly effortless style and would, like everyone else, pretty much kill for her wardrobe (yet more cliches...) but I am not sure about her latest fashion fare. Although one of my many aims in life is to front row at Chanel in Paris a la Alexa (or, let's face it, just to get into the building!), I am in two minds whether to emulate her latest look, leg-wise.

I don't copy her looks often at all, but I am a huge fan of polka dot (and heart print) tights but am getting a little bit bored of wearing them tous les jours, especially considering the awful weather (oh, what I wouldn't give to rip off said tights and run around a field bare legged; I told you I was strange). So, in her inimitable style, Alexa added some Chanel 'cycling shorts' to jazz up her polka dot wonders... I did think she was wearing a skirt with them until I looked at the picture again but no. She was literally only wearing cycling shorts. To Chanel. Oh dear.

However, I think the look itself (under a skirt or a dress) is actually pretty good and certainly adds a fresh element to the Balenciaga lookalike tights.

I did indeed jump on the bandwagon (again) and buy my own lace-bottomed cycling shorts (although mine were about 3 squids from H&M rather than 300 - or similar - from Chanel) but I have been too afraid thus far to actually brave wear them - or not, as the case may be...

What do you reckon - to wear or not to wear?!