Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Inspiration

1. I have finished all of my exams, hoorah! As of 11.30am this morning, I was a free woman (for 3 months at least!) It's such a relief to have them over and done with and fabulous to be able to relax

2. I now have the entirely unenviable task of entirely packing up my university room and saying I have ridiculous amounts of stuff is a total understatement. Oh dear. Wish me luck!

3. The sun is out! Hoorah! At a post-exam lunch today I got burnt in about five minutes - well I am translucent at the best of times and have been inside revising for what seems like decades so it's hardly surprising. I don't think I look too lobster-like though!

4. It's my sister's wedding on sunday and the most important thing, above everything else is what I am going to be wearing(!) and this is it, if you're interested. I'm excited!

5. I'm off for a cup of tea. Now exams are over, I'd rather have a cup of tea more than ever!

♥ Saskatoon


  1. yayy congrats on the exams, surely celebrations are in order now! x

  2. Congrats for finishing the exams!
    I love the first tiny pic!

  3. hey sweet
    just in reply to your comment on my blog..
    i havent stopped following you
    i just changed my pic and it hasnt updated or something on yours!
    im not gonna desert you aha
    love your blog
    belle xx


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