Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dear Santa...

I've had a terrible year. Might you be so kind as to fill my stocking with the Chanel holiday gift collection?!

Many thanks,

♥ Saskatoon


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hohoho, Merrrrrrrryyyy Christmas (Nails)

YES, you heard right. I. Am. Back. I can't keep making excuses as they become ridiculous after the 100th time but all I can say is - hellish degree; terrible job; various other issues. Anyway, I'm back and that's all that matters AND I have Christmassy nails!

They are so SO hard to photograph steadily (how do you all do it?) but I wanted to share them with the world (as I have to work tonight and I don't think festive talons would go down that well at the 'uni bar').

They took yonks and yonks and yonks and are not perfect (not loving the base colours on the fingers...) but I am fairly happy with them for a first Christmassy attempt. This is how I got la look (and how you can too - if you'd be mad enough to want to) ...


1. Standard clear nail varnish to start - two coats
2. Essie's Mint Candy Apple - two coats
3. Make them 'french' by adding a thick line of Nails Inc's Charlotte Street to the top of the nail
4. Make them sparkly by adding Barry M Pink Iridescent (264). For the berries, add three dots of Models Own's Coral Reef close together
6. To add to the berry effect, add three smaller dots (on top of the exisiting ones) of Barry M's Bright Red (262)
7. For the leaves, make two leaf-esque blobs on each nail with Ciate's Lily
8. To hold them in place, whack on another coat (or two) of clear nail varnish. ALL DONE!


1. Same again - two coats of clear polish (I think I used Boots own or something, nothing special!)
2. Put on a layer of Models Own's Beth's Blue (you only need one coat - it's amazingly thick and goes on perfectly ♥)
3. For the penguin's body, draw the design with Barry M's Navy (292) - (I went a bit wild with the Barry M for this one...)
4. When that's dried, use Model's Own's Snow White for the tummy and eyes
5. Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream (307) is perfect for the 'beak' and feet - a large-ish blob will do for the nose and little 'squiggles' for the feet are eggs-cellent (boom boom)
6. Top coat. Done and Done... aaaaaaaand ENJOY!

Link me to your Christmas nails, they make me so excited (yes, I really am that sad). Sorry again about going missing - I really am, in the style of Take That, back for good this time.

♥ Saskatoon