Sunday, 12 September 2010


I'm not dead, I'm just a busy bee!

Lately, I have been insanely busy busy busy...

I've been interning at the Times which was... interesting but I definitely don't want to work in a newspaper office. I'm sure the reporting side is thrilling but I just spent days on end on the phone and getting emailed with 'do this now'. So not for me.
I want to be out and about on the road somewhere new every day, meeting people, asking questions etc etc. That's definitely my dream. I think I was just born to ramble on in front of a television camera!

I've also been to Madrid and whilst Spain has never been my first choice of places to go (sorry any Spanish people who may be reading this), it was actually great fun. Lots of eating (dodgy) tapas (not a great country food-wise for vegetarians like me, but then I suppose nowhere in Europe is really!), a lot of mojito drinking, bingo (I know, but it seems to be a sort of Madridian (?!) tradition) and, of course, some shopping. I got three fabulous skirts from Zara which I will photograph when my camera isn't buggered.

So pretty busy but also abandoning-tastic. I am a disgrace. I really want this blog to be a success and now the bad weather (boo) is on its way, it seems like the ideal time. I have no desire to skip around fields in little dresses or shorts so I'm going to get cracking on making this blog a readable, enjoyable little thing that people actually want to have a gander at.

SO, I need your help dear readers, what do you like most in your favourite blogs? Let me know via the poll and I'll make sure it fulfills your deepest desires - in blog terms, obviously!

♥ Saskatoon

Ps. Say hi in the comments - would be fabulous to know you haven't given up on me completely, although I do deserve it - thanks!

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  1. Hey Saskia! Haha I hope I find Spain better than you did as I'm about to live there for a year! great blog!
    Joss x


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