Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday Inspiration

1. Okay, so I feel like my blog is dullsville. That is because my life is dullsville. When you spend entire weeks cooped up in a miserable house literally in (well, near) Coventry, I feel it's impossible to remain the vivacious (!) person you've always been... So I feel it's time to give my blog (unlike my life) a bit of structure. When I've been having a break from revision / procrastinating (natch), I've been reading some amazing blogs and the constant between them all is that they all regularly post pretty similar stuff, on the same days - rather than when the mood takes them. Order and routine are clearly the order of the day! So...

2. Here is my first 'Friday Inspiration' collage. There's no reason for it being on a Friday, it's just that today is a Friday and it's just stuff that has inspired me and floated my boat this week and I thought 'collages are fun' after a particularly harrowing exam...

3. My exams are nearly over. Thank God! One week today. I had a three hour one today and although I know that's fairly minor for most students, for me it is a huge deal - I can't sit still for ten minutes usually, let alone hours. I didn't even finish the exam despite having such a long time - I had to write at the end 'Please read my plan'. They are all pretty elitist so will probably blame me for the exams being 'too short', haha.

4. I have to go and 'watch the football' this evening. I put that in speech marks because I am only watching it ironically with friends - anything is a welcome break from revision! - and would never actually enjoy it, it's a truly dreadful sport - and we haven't even got the wags to laugh at this time - disaster! I do think, though, that football is good for the facially challenged - many of whom wouldn't even have a successful career in a call centre... (On a rather shocking note, apparently if England lose, a ton - and I mean a ton - of men go home and beat their wives. Dear oh dear, it sounds like the middle ages. It is only a game.

5. It is my birthday in 5 days time. I literally cannot believe how unbebloodyleivably quickly this year has gone and there is no pretending I'm in the first flush of youth any longer. Oh no. I will be 21 years old. 21! I never thought I'd see the day (I did really). And have I mentioned the fact that I have an exam on the day (I am being sarcastic, I have mentioned it a million times) So it won't be amazing fun, but never mind, I have to wait 9 years for my next 'big' birthday so it's not all disastrous... Any birthday wishes (or cake) would be gratefully received however!

Off to pick a suitable football-watching outfit. Ugh!

♥ Saskatoon


  1. hey poppet
    im a new follower:)
    i adore your blog
    any mention of tea and i had to follow
    one problem: i am now dying for a cuppa tea!!
    anyway good luck for the last week of pre-exam-ness
    and happy birthday for 5 days time
    belle xx

  2. very inspiring!

    just came across ur blog & i love it! i just followed u

    follow me too:



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