Friday, 18 June 2010

Reporting in the Field...

Obviously, I am being ironic. Although I am technically reporting, it tends to be in one of the many concrete blocks of Warwick University's hideous campus, rather than a field. Very sadly.

So yes, I would say that my numero uno passion is tea, closely followed by fashion (and shopping, let's face it) by overriding love is, by far, what will hopefully be my future career - news journalism. And whilst I know that sounds the most boring thing in the world, I am not interested in abandoning all style nous in favour of a serious expression and a North Face jacket. Oh no. My first concern after said serious face is what I'll be wearing, naturally.

I go into raptures over what news readers are wearing (not so much over the reporters, they tend to look pretty dodgy, but I fully intend to change all that when I join their merry band of serious faces). I tell everyone on twitter (which is here if you're interested!) how amazing Sophie Raworth's pink jacket was and was so obsessed with Emily Maitlis' perfect Nanette Lepore suit was that I was seriously considering spending my entire student loan on it (that was until I saw in being worn on Ugly Betty. By Betty. Oh dear).

I even got into huge amounts of trouble on election night last month when I was supposed to be doing a terribly serious live blog for the university newspaper and, because I couldn't really be bothered to look at exact figures and swings and all the rest of it, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to conduct my own poll about the 'Fashion Off' going on between Fiona Bruce and Emily Maitlis. And while it was a fabulous idea (Fiona had the best outfit, Emily had the best hair - just in case you wanted to know!) I got in so much trouble and was told to leave because it was a 'serious exercise' (It wasn't. It was a joke. And my fashion wars totally livened it up!)

So what to do when you go into raptures over jackets on the news and are still too young to work on it - despite being very nearly 21 ancient years old? Clearly, just crack out your own jackets on your own 'news'. Amazing. I do everything (and I mean everything) news-y for the campus TV station and whilst it's not quite the BBC, it's still a good way to practice my 'serious' face and put the sartorial wheels in motion for when I will revolutionise 'reporter fashion'. No North Face jackets for me. Oh no.

(Oh, and the above picture is screen shots of myself in various reports I've done... I tend to go for a navy and white basic palette with the occasional pop of red - which is actually strange as I never wear red in 'real' life. Do excuse the face on most of them, it is literally impossible to find a half-decent shot; I more often look like a horse in the middle of its lunch - and that's not good at all!)

♥ Saskatoon

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