Sunday, 24 January 2010

Snowy Days and Sailor Outfits

Thanks to Lucy for this amazing photo. I love it.

I miss the snow, it seems to make everything better - despite the 'travel chaos' the local news insists that it brings. Dear oh dear.

On a far different note - and further on from the post below - the coat in the picture above is my recent(ish) acquisition to my ever-expanding wardrobe of nautical pieces and I love it more than life itself. Well, not quite, but it is the current sartorial love of my life...

There is something so simple and yet so effective with nautical clothing - the look is so classic but is never dull; It always seems to be in fashion but never seems to go out of style, which is certainly rare these days, in the constantly changing stream of new, ever-emerging fashions.

I seem to live my life wearing navy blue and white clothing and absolutely live in breton stripes, as well as anything with a sailor-esque collar (like the one on my coat of dreams) sends me into fashion rapture. I have genuinely thought about joining the navy just so I can wear there amazing uniforms - I'm not sure I'd fancy spending months of my life incessantly on the high seas however - I'd look constantly stylish, though. I also dream of wearing a proper 'sailor suit' as typically seen on (male) babies but I'm not sure anyone has actually been brave (or mad) enough to make an adult sized one yet... Perhaps I will have to crack out my 'notable' sewing 'skills' - I made a shirt with a lobster on it once, does that count? - in order to live my sartorial dreams.

When I actually 'studied' fashion at school in the Lower Sixth, the first thing I made (the lobster shirt was the second and a definite mistake) was, qu'elle surprise a nautical-themed skirt, made with a 'client' in mind who was off to St. Tropez. Genius. The skirt is actually pretty good (for someone of my very limited practicalities) although I haven't deigned to wear it as yet - that might be a nautical fashion step too far.

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  1. Congrats!
    H&M seem to be doing amazingly well in the nautical fashion stakes at the moment i think i pratically live in there at the moment!!
    much love


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