Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year, New Blog - How horrifically clichéd.

Well, I have decided to start a blog because I am a very thrilling person, lead an extroadinarily thrilling life and clearly everyone will one day want to know of my wonderment. Actually not.

Anyway - whatever trevor. Let us begin. I feel that having a blog is the right thing to do - I'm a bit of a keen bean when it comes to writing (although not at the appropriate time - e.g. in essays. Oops.) I could make it a fashion blog as all I really actually care about is clothing but I am also thrilled by les autre activités and my daily life is SO exciting that, you know, it must be about that too...

As today is New Years' Day, you would expect a (relatively) young person such as myself to be 'recovering' from last night's 'high jinks'. However, I was stuck at home last night being a sickly Pete as I have been - as my Mother keeps reminding me - 'Three times since October'. Exciting times indeed.

So rather than going to Brighton with my two bestest school friends Emily and Julia - I sat at home and played Trivial Pursuit, drinking Chablis and (paraphrasing Absolutely Fabulous - my absolute favourite thing ever. I am Patsy) was taken into the sitting room by my Mother to watch the New Year in on 'telly'. Oh dear. Never mind, perhaps I will be as healthy as a horse for 2010, let's bally well hope so. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

And I have a lot to look forward to before heading - with a heavy heart - back to the horrific north and to University (on the plus side, in 5 weeks time, I will be half way through my degree and will never have to go north of Watford ever, ever again. Thank God)... I went to the Guardian (my favourite ever paper) for work experience before Christmas (and before I got snowed in / sickly) and am going again next week which should be thrilling. Clearly, there is a huge dilemna (just for the record, I can spell 'dilemma', I just feel it should have an 'n' in it for some reason. That's just how I feel) over what to wear - but perhaps outfit plans will come to me in a dream that would be a first... I really must concentrate on the work rather than the outfits though - that's always my downfall. Oops. And après that, I am going to Disneyland in Gay Paree with my most spethial fwend Hattie (and her sister Lucy and her best friend Bea) for Hattie's (aka Eddie - she is Eddie, I am Patsy - genius!) 21st birthday and I am soooooo excited. We went in the summer too, but we're staying in the nautical hotel this time so I'm sure lots of high jinks-esque sailor-y posing will be done... I so wish I was a sailor.

Righteho, Happy New Year and I wonder how long I'll keep this blog up... It's nice to have a record of what happened (and I've never managed to keep a remotely understandable diary ever, ever) but, on the other hand, I'm useless. We'll see!

P.S. (Can you do 'P.s.' when it's not a letter?) I know the blog looks rubbish and I want to get tea cups for the background but have no idea how to do it - I'm surprised I even managed to start a blog, to be perfectly honest! But I will work to get it looking fantastic (maybe) and also I know the title is rubbish but my sickness-addled brain may have stopped working - I can't even tell which is left and which is right at the moment. Oh dear.

P.P.S. (Now I'm certainly sure that you can't do a 'P.P.S' but I'm doing it anyway). The picture at the top is of a field near my house (contrary to popular belief, I don't actually live in a mobile home...) taken a few days ago when it was snowing (I didn't, heartbreakingly get to go sledging as I was so sickly) but I went for a walk to get apples or something mad with my Mother and a good 'journalist' always has a camera and this was the result. Ah-mazing.

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