Monday, 8 February 2010



This is my latest venture for the University news programme... I was sent up to the 6th floor of a multistorey carpark on the windiest day of the year with the sun in my eyes and this is the result. What a bobby dazzler. I would like to assure my 'many' readers (aka myself) that I don't usually look quite so horrific, I blame the camerawork, the sun and the carpark. Ha.

For the benefit of my friend Chris, I am wearing my much loved nautical coat - it certainly didn't get wet that day, just very blown about!

EDIT: Oooo, it's all chopped in half, I have absolutely no idea how to rectify the situation though. Oh well, enjoy half a me anyway.

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  1. YOUR A STAR.... and not like a scarecrow at all x


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