Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I Love Luella

I cried when I heard Luella was closing down. I am rarely bowled over by every single collection a designer churns out (even with Chanel; Karl Lagerfeld sends some absolute shockers down the catwalk on occassion) but Luella was the exception. I had planned to live my young life in those fabulous designs and hoped to wear this dress for my 'special' birthday in June...

Tragically, that doesn't seem very likely now.

I have no idea why Luella closed, evidently there was some withdrawal of financial backing but I am utterly shocked that no one has offered (thus far) to offer support. Luella is such a lively, irreverent 'London' brand - and one that, in my opinion, showed the better side of London fashion that it seems utterly sensible to back it financially. I heard from a girl who was interning there during the crisis period that, apparently, the Spring/Summer 2010 pieces were being cut up with scissors to protect from copyright or similar - that, to my mind, is absolute fashion sacrilege and, of course, utterly tragic.

The designs were everything I aim for in my wardrobe - a mix of looks such as 'old lady on a cruise ship' (according to my Mother, this is my definining look!), schoolboy, tea drinker, bicycle rider... I'm rambling but there is quite literally something with Luella that you can't quite put your finger on; It is, quite simply, perfect. And whilst the only Luella item I own is the Autumn/Winter 2009/10 look book I stole from The Guardian, it doesn't stop me doing a blogging tribute to my very favourite designer of all time - hopefully (hopefully!) soon to be brought back to life in all its fabulous, technicolour glory.

Here are my Top Eleven (I just couldn't quite narrow it down to ten) Luella looks (with the exception of that glorious black heart dress)...












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