Saturday, 16 January 2010

Peace and Quiet and Countryside

There is nothing more I love in the world than peace, quiet and the countryside. I am, however, completely deprived of all of these things while I'm at University so I literally can't be entirely happy. I absolutely crave being able to go for a walk near my actual home (not my 'uni' 'house') in the middle of nowhere.

I'd love to be like Marie Antoinette / Kirsten Dunst in these pictures, just to experience that feeling of peaceful contentment thanks to the sound of splashing water and of nature. They - and the film - are so unbelievably beautiful, but I suppose I don't really fancy meeting Madame Guillotine afterwards...

I think I'm turning into an outdoor person after years of being happiest in front of an open, indooor fire. I certainly have cabin fever.

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