Sunday, 17 January 2010

Christmas with Sting & Trudie Styler

As I live my life like Eddie and Patsy anyway, I see no reason why I shouldn't add more of their genius plans to my life. In one of my very favourite Absolutely Fabulous episodes 'Parralox', Eddie talks about her 'life aims' - yoga and to have Christmas with Sting and Trudie Styler and also of her 'daily aims'. Eddie's daily aim for that particular day is to write a pop song - the ah-mazing 'just walking down the road, looking at the people' etc etc. Whilst I have no desire to have Christmas with anyone other than my family (!) and I could never achieve such a level of musical genius, I feel that it's an exceptionally good idea to have daily aims, as new year's resolutions are wasted on me. It's not that I won't keep them up, rather that I just forget what they are after ten minutes, so daily aims it is - thank you Eddie for your constant inspiration!

Daily Aim, then, for the 18th January is - to make my University house room Holland Park worthy (ie. put clothes away, put everything back onto the walls that had fallen off over the holidays and peg photographs onto my amazing bunting). Starting simply, but hopefully achievably.

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  1. In the picture Eddie looks like she is wearing one of those louis vuitton bunny hair peices......
    Love the daily aim idea I think they are much more attainable... mine this morning was to get out of bed for my 9am Lecture...


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