Monday, 19 April 2010

Political Dressing

So, Hadley Freeman (the woman whose post I spent 8 hours straight opening whilst at The Guardian back in January and whose work I usually read and nod my little blonde head sagely in agreement with) has today blasted my outfit plans for May 6th right out of the water.

Now you may ask "Why oh why have you planned your outfit two and a half weeks in advance when it's not a wedding or an uber-special party or some such similar high jinks?" and I would reply, "Why, it's the General Election, of course, and that kind of event definitely deserves its own special outfit". I told you I was 'unconventional'.

Oh yes, every general election I simply have to have a planned outfit. On the last occasion, in 2005 when I was the grand old age of 15 (yes, I was a tragic teenager), I wore a fully blue outfit to school in support of the Tory party. My very Lib Dem French teacher looked like she would quite happily slam my head in the desk. Fantastic.

Although I haven't suddenly joined the Lib Dem party (I may appear to be a fan of jumping on the bandwagon but point blank refuse to jump on a Nick Clegg shaped one however young and 'glamorous' he may be), I have definitely seen the light with regard to the Conservative party and have, therefore, decided to purchase some items of sartorial wonderment in red.

Yes, red.

Now, red is not my colour at all, chiefly for the reason that I have the skin colour of a dead person - ie. beyond whiteness and into the realms of deathly palour. Lovely. And that is why I have bought a red skirt and headband (the latter is purely for ironic reasons) so they are not too near my face and I look less dead.

Anyhoo, after this article (which was featured in the Ask Hadley column so, I suppose, it can be assumed to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek...), I am now debating my election outfit. Perhaps I should abandon my Labour supporting skirt-and-headband combo and just dress in my usual style (ie. exactly like a Tory wife circa 1982. Disaster.) However, I am able to think by myself and so, come May 6th, you're pretty likely to see me looking like a corpse in unadvisable red garments. Oh yes (or oh no, depending on your particular political - or sartorial - viewpoint.)


  1. im definitely voting conservative, even though david cameron makes me angry beyond words!
    Never thought about dressing up for the day though,cute idea :)

  2. haha I'd never have thought of dressing for the day! Last election I was too young and just didn't CARE so I can't even remember much of it, but I've been bitten by the political bug ;)
    Everytime I see "Vote Labour" poster in someones window it just reminds how garish their colour scheme is.. neon yellow and red... like a kitsch american diner. :(


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