Thursday, 1 April 2010

To Wear or not to Wear..?

That is, indeed, the question.

Like much of the blogosphere, I am vastly enamoured with Alexa Chung's seemingly effortless style and would, like everyone else, pretty much kill for her wardrobe (yet more cliches...) but I am not sure about her latest fashion fare. Although one of my many aims in life is to front row at Chanel in Paris a la Alexa (or, let's face it, just to get into the building!), I am in two minds whether to emulate her latest look, leg-wise.

I don't copy her looks often at all, but I am a huge fan of polka dot (and heart print) tights but am getting a little bit bored of wearing them tous les jours, especially considering the awful weather (oh, what I wouldn't give to rip off said tights and run around a field bare legged; I told you I was strange). So, in her inimitable style, Alexa added some Chanel 'cycling shorts' to jazz up her polka dot wonders... I did think she was wearing a skirt with them until I looked at the picture again but no. She was literally only wearing cycling shorts. To Chanel. Oh dear.

However, I think the look itself (under a skirt or a dress) is actually pretty good and certainly adds a fresh element to the Balenciaga lookalike tights.

I did indeed jump on the bandwagon (again) and buy my own lace-bottomed cycling shorts (although mine were about 3 squids from H&M rather than 300 - or similar - from Chanel) but I have been too afraid thus far to actually brave wear them - or not, as the case may be...

What do you reckon - to wear or not to wear?!


  1. they definitely look cute on her, but i guess it depends on your personal style. your blog is lovely, thanks for commenting!

  2. I'd wear them! they are so pretty! I really like your blog. You can follow me by clicking follow in the to left corner. Thank you for your nice comment! I also have a tiny bloglovin button on the right side of my blog.

  3. I'm unsure.
    I guess it depends what you wear it with... like, I think it looks really good on Alexa with her tights, but the last picture... neh, no.

    I think it'd look cute with dresses + skirts!

  4. i really like it! cute cute cute :)

  5. Go for it! Cute blog you have, here!

  6. I found a pair a little like these in H&M. I would have bought them if they were better quality.
    I think for most people (who's legs are not as thin as alexa's) these would fare best under dresses and skirts.
    And I wouldn't have paired the shorts with this Chanel ensemble.
    It looks a little too mush fashion for fashion's sake, which is never very chic.

    Cool blog, interesting thoughts.


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