Friday, 26 March 2010

Jack Kills (fashion)

Jack Wills... What on earth can I say about Jack Wills? The 'label', typically the preserve of the wannabe-Sloane Ranger who considers 'sweatpants' the height of chic, seems to have come (relatively) up trumps with their latest collection.

Although they have not turned their back on the £60 tracksuit bottoms and £80 hoodies (which, I think, are just too cheap - sarcasm...) which are emblazoned with self advertisement (it must be fabulous to wear a hoodie with 'Jack' slapped across it if you're name is Jack but otherwise not so much), they have some cracked out some actually pretty decent pieces which look more fashion than wannabesloanetastic. I do hope they continue to move in that direction - it would perhaps lead to a Sloane Square and Kings Road more representative of its heyday rather than crawling with individuals rather than a heard of hoodie and tracksuit bottom-wearing, enormous haired sheep. One day... perhaps, but I don't hold out much hope.

Rather kitsch and 1950s influenced rather than the standard navy and pink stripes (not that I am entirely against navy and pink together per se...)

Tres classique. I want.

Fairly standard, but still rather cute

Preppy, but American prepesque which is far preferable to the English prep 'look'

Again, classic but cute - although in stealing this picture from the website, I noticed that you can only see the back of them, haha - excellent photography!

Perhaps not entirely fashionable, but I can totally picture myself skipping around a field with lambs whilst wearing it. Yes, I know I am strange...

I have something very similar in my wardrobe from Topshop last year - perhaps they ripped it off?! Regardless, I think it's fabulous - I love a bit of jaquard, depsite the fact that my friends say that when I'm wearing it, it looks like I'm dressing up as a carpet. Lovely.

And when you thought it was all going so well, they go and spoil it all with something hideous like these long johns. My God, aren't they hideous?! Suitable for golfing attire of elderly mad men and not much else, dear oh dear. And that, dear reader, is why I won't be financially supporting the haus of Jack Wills any time soon...


  1. I absolutely loathe Jack Wills, with a fiery passion. I completely agree, the hoodies and sweats are such a bloody rip off! :|

    Having said that, those sandals are lovely... But I bet they're not cheap!


  2. I have the pink shorts in green.... and jack wills is amazing sas...
    haha loving the blog... indeed more popular than hitler xx


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