Friday, 26 March 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like...

Here is a picture of myself on my very first day at University two years ago, looking rather like a chipmunk crossed with a scarecrow (my typical look of late, sadly) but I have not simply put a photograph of my 'fabulous' face for you all to 'admire' - oh no. The fact is I am on my bicycle and, oh yes, I do love to ride my bicycle at all times - and so should you!

A lot has been written lately about bicycles and a crop of blogs - perhaps most notably the one based in Copenhagen - have emerged on the very topic. Bicycles seem to add something to every photograph - an outfit seems to become significantly more stylish and au courant if a bike is involved. And on a totally non-fashion level, I truly believe that there are not many feelings better than going on a lovely bike ride through the countryside, wearing some lovely shorts and feeling the wind in your hair. That is, of course, only in theory, as the truth is that real bicycling is often far less glamorous and sports clothing is never at the top of my style agenda. Although my very first appearance on (television) camera took place on a bicycle and I'm sure my 7-year old self looked extremely glamorous (!), I do envy my University housemate Clair who cycles the three or so miles onto campus every day (whilst I drive in, like a fatty) and always arrives without a single hair out of place. I didn't realise it was possible to have bicycle envy until this year, but apparently it is!

But from fashion shoots, to the very vintage English countryside image of a spinster cycling to evensong with a bike basket, to Audrey Hepburn (plus small dog) on a film set, to the Chanel bike which I would give, quite literally, anything for, to Francoise Hardly in striped shorts on hers and even to Angela Lansbury in the opening credits of Murder, She Wrote (the ultimate television programme), you will always look better on a bicycle (as long as you're not actually cycling)!


  1. These pictures made me smile :)
    Great blog!

  2. Ooh the chanel bike is sooo dreamy, definately on my wish list:-)


  3. Love your blog, and this is encouraging me to get my bike out of the garage! I'm suddenly feeling very mean having neglected it for a few years!


  4. Ahh these bikes are so lovely, I want them all!
    I love the photo of you on your bike, it's so cute :)
    Great blog, too! :)


  5. Hey, thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Yours is so cute. I'm following you now :)

  6. Love your blog and pics!
    Follow each?


  7. I want the Chanel bikeeee! :(
    Shame,that I'm way too scared to cycle on crazy London roads! Great blog! :)

  8. The sunshine-award is waiting for you! Check out my blog <3


  9. hey,
    thanks for your comment!
    follow me?
    loving your blog, i'll add it to the list of blogs on mine :)

  10. i put something very similar on my blog.
    love audrey pic

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  12. oh and murder, she wrote is fantastic. I love to watch it :)

  13. oh i wish i still had my bike
    but it rains alot here!
    so i might stay in for now :)

    thanks for your comment on my page!
    your blog is so cute!

    April Skye xx

    (Cinema. Fashion. Art. Life.)

  14. What an original post, love the photo's! :)
    I also like your blog too!


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