Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fashion Heaven

I have just visited the Guardian 'Life & Style' section (as I do on a daily basis) and have come across what I consider to the absolute epitome of style heaven - Rosamund Pike channelling Grace Kelly in Monaco. I simply had to blog about it (despite my total lack of readers) because it is quite literally amazing. My admiration for those two women knows no bounds - Pike's portrayal of Helen in 'An Education' was so clever and amusing (and not to mention incredibly stylish) that it practically made my 2009 (I am that tragic) and Grace Kelly is an absolute hero, both in style terms and in general. I do feel that Rosamund Pike is the modern day Grace Kelly (a cliché I know, but I don't think any other actress around today fits the bill to quite such an extent) - she is a truly fantastic actress (I've seen her on stage a number of times) and certainly reminiscent of Kelly. This photo shoot, then, makes me think I've died and gone to fashion heaven - I only wish I could have still been interning at the Guardian when it was going on!

(When I grow up, this is what I want to look like. It is the absolute pinnacle of style and pure coolness - there is no better word. Fantastic.)

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